Can. Ch. Gandale's Dreamweaver Beahr x Can. Ch. Gandale's Singer in the Snow, AGI

DOB: Feb. 2/06


OFA: #SA-14721E24F-VPI 'Excellent'

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Vixen at 5 months


In April 2006, I was at a local dog show, when I offered to help a long-time Samoyed breeder decide between her two pick girls from her litter of 10-week old puppies at home. Well, once I saw the two girls, I knew I was taking one of them in particular home for me!  Many thanks to Dr. Sheri Dalton of Edmonton, Gandale Samoyeds, for letting me steal Vixen away from her!

Vixen at 10 weeks

Vixen earned her Canadian Championship at the tender age of 6 months, in only two shows.

Vixen New Champion 6 months


Vixen became the foundation girl for Sershan Samoyeds, bred to Tundra, producing our first litter in April/08. The results were exciting, including:

          "Bowen" - Can. Ch. Sershan's I Got Rhythm
          "Quinn" – Can. Ch. Sershan's Razzle Dazzle
          "Frankie" – Can. Ch. Sershan's Luckbe Alady O'Gandale

(See their individual page for more information.)

Foundation Litter April 2008

Vixen comes from a long line of working Samoyeds; her pedigree includes dogs that were very involved with agility, hiking, obedience, and sledding, and it is apparent in Vixen's temperament. Vixen has the true focus and drive of a versatile working dog, and really needs to be doing things.  She is a reliable and dependable lead dog on our sled team, and works very well in team.  Vixen is everyone’s favorite when they come to visit – she is such a cuddle-bug, and a real sweetheart!

Vixen at Lead, on Right, with her son Bowen