Other Activities


At Sershan Samoyeds, we appreciate the true versatility of the Samoyed breed, with many of our Sams being active in sledding, weight pulling, Rally-Obedience, Herding, and Agility, as Champion show dogs, and the perfect companion in the home at the end of each day, regardless of the activity.

 In addition to sledding, herding, obedience/Rally, and Agility, Sershan Samoyeds have been involved in other activities that keep them working and active.

 In 2004 I started Weight Pull training with Tundra.  A few years later, when Tundra was 8 years old, we held a Weight Pull demonstration, and Tundra ‘won’ the demonstration by pulling 850 pounds – as a ‘senior’!!


 Tundra Pulling 850 lbs 2007


As every owner is different, they find different things to do with their Samoyeds.  Here are a few pictures of Sershan Samoyeds doing other activities;

“Kuma” – Sershan’s Madame Butterfly – Pack Hiking (above) and then babysitting


“Taiga” – Sershan’s White Lightning – Hiking in Whistler


“Alastair” – Sershan’s Moonlight Sonata – Enjoying Halloween